Dear IMS Families, Staff, Teachers & Friends,

As the 2019/2020 school year comes to a close, I think we can all agree that the words “unprecedented”, “uncertain” and “challenging” will forever take on a whole new meaning for us all! Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented and the move from the physical classroom to the virtual distance learning classroom was uncertain and challenging, but it was also remarkable in the way the entire IMS community joined together to provide an extraordinary level of support for our students – of which I am in awe. I have never been more proud to lead our network and, in a world of uncertainty, I am certain of this: we are stronger now than ever before.

Strength in Community
During these challenging times, our faculty and staff have done an exceptional job of maintaining the delivery of curriculum and promoting students’ academic growth in literacy and mathematics from a distance. The communication between our teachers and families has never been stronger, as everyone worked in partnership to support our IMS children. As a result, students have stepped up to the new remote learning environment with high engagement and great spirit. If adapting to providing distance learning wasn’t enough, our teachers and leaders have been working hard to strengthen their skills in our new math program and prepare for the roll-out of a new literacy program in the fall.

Our community and supporters showed true generosity, enabling us to provide 1,300 Chromebooks to families in need of a device, waive tuition for the month of May, and provide $245,054.59 in tuition relief for the months of March and April to more than half of our families eligible for tuition assistance.

Congratulations, 8th Grade Graduates
I want to congratulate our 8th grade graduating class of 2020! While they may go down in history as the “Class of Quarantine”, I will always remember them as a strong and resilient group of young men and woman who are more prepared than ever for whatever the future holds. I am proud to report that across our IMS network, at least 79% of these young scholars will continue their education in Catholic high schools, elite private schools or select Charter schools.

Looking Ahead
In the fall, we look forward to welcoming 4,700 students, 1,000 of which are new to our network! Thanks to our supporters and development efforts, I am proud to say that last year we were able to provide 97% of our families with some form of financial aid. If past generosity is any prediction, I am confident that we will be able to continue providing assistance to all families who apply to our network!

I pray that you all have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing summer – you have worked hard for it and certainly deserve it!


Bruce Robinson
President & CEO
Independence Mission Schools