We are happy to report that all 15 of our schools are offering some variation of in-person learning, depending on the needs of each school.  To date, all of our schools are offering in-person learning for most grade levels with plans to phase in new grades each week until all grades are back.  In addition to in-person learning, many schools continue to offer hybrid and virtual learning.

The last few months have required flexibility, grace and the partnership and commitment from our entire community. We want to thank our students, families and teachers for working together to provide the best education to our students no matter where they are learning. We also want to thank our donors for their generous support in helping us get “BackToSchoolTogether! This has enabled us to secure 200 document cameras – one for each of our classrooms – as well as a Chromebook device for each and every one of our students!

Investing in the Health & Safety of Our School Community

As part of being able to welcome our students back into our physical facilities, we have made safety investments to minimize risk and keep our staff and scholars safe amidst the pandemic. In fulfilling our Health & Safety protocols, every school in the IMS network has the following safety measures in place:

  • A hand sanitizing station in every classroom, the shared spaces and throughout the hallways of each facility.
  • Individualized desk barriers for every student and teacher.
  • Sneeze guards for our front office personnel and school leaders.
  • Air purifiers in every classroom, the shared spaces and offices.
  • Mandatory use of face masks.
  • Daily disinfecting routine of frequently touched surfaces and of the bathroom facilities.
  • Weekly electro-static treatments, including disinfecting and sanitizing of the entire facilities.
  • Increased custodial staffing, on average one to two extra staffers per building.
  • Increased building support staffing to support teacher absences/quarantine periods, lunch coverage, isolation room coverage, daily temperature screening and support of Health & Safety Plan measures and contact tracing efforts.

For more the most up-to-date information, please visit our Back-to-School webpage.