Greek Turkey Burger Sliders and Ratatouille are among the recipes that a group of 3rd and 4th graders have prepared in the after-school cooking club offered by St. Malachy, thanks to Vetri Community Partnership. The students’ favorite recipe, according to Erik Ritter, Director of St. Malachy’s After School (OST) Program – has been Broccoli Grilled Cheese (see recipe card below and try it yourself!).

Vetri Community Partnership is a non-profit that builds culinary skills, nutritional knowledge, and confidence through hands-on cooking programs. Students have fun while learning the connection between healthy eating and healthy living. “Vetri is such a great organization, “ Ritter said, “we’ve been working with them for several years now.”

The 10-week program is offered twice per year, fall and spring. Participants meet weekly to learn how to read recipes and cook safely while developing skills such as measuring out ingredients, using a spatula, cooking on a hot electric skillet, and properly handling sharp tools like knives and cheese graters, to name a few. “We’ve received some feedback from some parents telling us how some of the students have been helping them out in the kitchen more at home – which is great!” said Ritter.

The Vetri Cooking Club is also offered at St. Thomas Aquinas. At St. Martin of Tours, students are offered a
cooking program through My Daughter’s Kitchen. All 14 IMS schools off er a variety of activities and clubs
after school, thanks to partnerships with organizations such as the F.O.C.U.S. Youth Network, Kimmel Cultural Campus, Philadelphia Youth Basketball, Philadelphia Police Alliance, Tune Up Philly, Philly GirlsChoir, Dancing Classrooms, Mindfulness through Movement, Musicopia, the Connelly Foundation, and Villanova University.

In addition to cooking, after school programs provide opportunities for our students to explore interests and develop new skills through art, yoga, ballroom dancing, gardening, theater, chess, writing, choral and instrumental music, basketball, martial arts, and more.