Spreading JOY as the New AP at St. Rose of Lima

St. Philomena Catholic School Alumna, Kiera Scarbrough ’10, is the newly appointed Assistant Principal at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School! After high school at Bonner Prendergast High School, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Neumann University with a BA and a Master of Science. In 2018, while at Neumann she published Autism: A Different Way of Being Human in Neumann University’s Catalyst.

Kiera’s dream to be a teacher started as early as kindergarten. She came from a family of educators. Her Mother, Rhonda, was a teacher and Kiera was even her pupil at St. Philomena’s. Today, Kiera and Rhonda are co-workers at St. Rose of Lima. She said there was not just one teacher who was her favorite but many at different stages of her education who inspired her, never doubted her, and encouraged her to be the best she could be. She specifically thanked Ms. Travers, Mrs. Boudwin, Mrs. Scarbrough, Ms. McKenna at St. Philomena’s, as well as, Dr. McKee and Dr. McLaughlin at Neumann University. Kiera student taught at St. Rose of Lima and upon graduation started teaching there. Teaching at Catholic Schools is very important to her as she wants to make a difference to students similar to her own experience.

“St. Philomena taught me how to live with JOY. Jesus first, others second, and yourself last. This resonated throughout the entire St. Philaomena school community because of Ms. Kelly McKenna (her 8th grade teacher).”

Kiera Scarbrough, AP at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, St. Philomena Class of 2010

Kiera’s favorite part of teaching is seeing a student finally realizing that “Ah-ha” moment after struggling and working so hard to get something. On the flip side, the hardest part for Kiera is trying to always reach the students even when they are resistant. For those just starting in the field of education, Kiera suggests always asking for help, being open to criticism, finding a mentor, and never forgetting your dream to teach.

A lifelong resident of Lansdowne, she said the first thing she does on a Saturday morning is drink coffee and relax. We wish Kiera well with this new chapter of her career as Assistant Principal. She is excited to keep learning herself and expanding beyond the classroom. She looks forward to mentoring new teachers, sharing resources, and working with students in a new role.